Thursday, June 5, 2014

Climate of Lies

The temperature record shows earth’s climate has not warmed for 17 years eight months, but the global warming frauds never give up. A headline in The Guardian blared, “Western Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse Has Already Begun.” Since most people don’t read further than the headline, that sounds scary.
The article begins, “The collapse of the Western Antarctica ice sheet is already under way and is unstoppable, two separate teams of scientists said on Monday. The glaciers' retreat is being driven by climate change and is already causing sea-level rise at a much faster rate than scientists had anticipated. The loss of the entire western Antarctica ice sheet could eventually cause up to 4 metres (13ft) of sea-level rise, devastating low-lying and coastal areas around the world.” This sounds imminently dangerous.
However, the article continues, “But the researchers said that even though such a rise could not be stopped, it is still several centuries off, and potentially up to 1,000 years away.” And later: “[Researcher Joughin] said the retreat would begin slowly, resulting in sea-level rise of less than 1mm a year for a couple of hundred years. But ‘then boom, it just starts to really go,’ Joughin said.” For people who read that far, the article suddenly became not scary at all, but the frauds know that in the age of post-MTV attention spans, only the headline matters.
Even reliable global warming alarmist Andrew Revkin of The New York Times criticized the alarmism. Revkin tweeted, “Awful misuse of ‘Collapse’ in headlines on centuries-long ice loss in W. Antarctica.” Revkin also points out there’s nothing new here. Scientists have known the western glaciers of Antarctica have been slowly melting for years.
And according to these scientists, the melting is inevitable. They claim there’s nothing we can do to stop it. From The Guardian article: “[Another researcher] said that even drastic action to cut greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change could not prevent the collapse.” But despite this, the headline was written to sway opinion toward drastically cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
Another way The Guardian and other alarmists bias articles is by leaving out critical facts. Glaciers calve naturally. As snow and ice build up, making coastal glaciers heavier, they advance into warmer water where they break up. This slow, natural process is being carried out in western Antarctica, the same as in Greenland. There’s nothing scary about it because the calving glaciers are replaced by newer ice in the interior. This replacement process is why sea level has consistently risen less than one mm per year for centuries, proving every alarmist sea level prediction over the decades wrong.
The most significant omission in these alarmist articles is Antarctic ice is growing, not shrinking as they lead people to believe. reports Antarctic sea ice extent reached another record in April, “The National Snow and Ice Data Centre said the rapid expansion had continued into May and the seasonal cover was now bigger than the record ‘by a significant margin’.” The frauds usually ignore this fact completely - good luck finding this story in the mainstream media - but The Guardian offers one sentence regarding growing Antarctic ice, “[Researchers] also suggest that recent accumulation of ice in Antarctica was temporary.” Using past tense is inaccurate because it hasn’t stopped.
Despite the benign facts about slow, natural climate change, the global warming frauds will never give up because there’s too much money at stake. It’s a joke in the scientific community that if you want a multimillion dollar grant, you have to promote the global warming fraud. If you won’t, you have to stand on a street corner and beg. The US alone spends billions every year promoting this fraud. It’s a gigantic, pseudo-scientific, taxpayer-funded gravy train.
And anybody who believes the government keeps the environment clean is misguided. In another secret story, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reported on the consequences of government’s boondoggle program to create nuclear power from thorium, “The US Energy Department appears to have lost track of 96 kilograms of uranium 233, a fissile material made from thorium that can be fashioned into a bomb, and is battling the state of Nevada over the proposed dumping of nearly a ton of left-over fissile materials in a government landfill, in apparent violation of international standards.” Terrorists are rooting for the feds.
Not only doesn’t government make the environment clean, it also makes us less safe. Wealth and private property rights - capitalism - make our environment clean. They keep us safe. They also protect plants and animals, chickens for example, from extinction. That’s why wealthier nations are cleaner and safer. All government interference in the economy, including environmental policies, undermine private property rights and make us poorer. By its very nature, government makes our environment more dirty and poisonous. The environmental movement is the hiding place socialists crawled into after the collapse of the Soviet Union.  All these fake environmentalists care about is destroying capitalism and trapping everybody but themselves in poverty.

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