Friday, July 18, 2014

America Has Gone to the Police Dogs

The topic of dangerous dogs has been in the news quite a bit lately, but the news rarely covers the most dangerous dogs of all: police dogs. The German shepherd was a ubiquitous symbol of the Nazi police state, so much so German shepherds were stigmatized for decades after WWII. Now they’ve become ubiquitous tools of the US police state. Cops understand that threatening serfs with large dogs invokes a primal terror, so they systematically use police dogs to terrorize Americans.
Not satisfied with inflicting terror, The Telegraph reports one way police make police dogs more dangerous, “AMERICAN police dogs are being equipped with a new weapon in the fight against crime: titanium false teeth designed to improve their bite - and their grip - on anyone trying to escape the law.” Titanium has a high strength-to-density ratio and is highly resistant to corrosion. Because of its high melting point, it’s also hard to work with, but nothing is too good or too expensive for US police when it comes to terrorizing Americans.
And this story gets worse. “‘Before [a police dog] had these fitted, he was hesitant to bite,’ said Tim Ellis, a sheriff's department deputy who has worked with dogs in Polk County, 40 miles south of Orlando, Florida, for the past five years,’ the paper continued. “‘Both these teeth were damaged and it was interfering with his work. We had to do something to maintain his biting proficiency and getting the titanium teeth fitted seemed the best solution.’” In normal society, this would be considered animal cruelty, but in the twisted world of the US police state, the more damage government enforcers and their attack dogs can inflict on their victims, the better.
It’s funny to see police make excuses for the dangerous dogs they create. CBS tells the story of escaped police dogs in Denver. “The dogs are highly trained, but the sheriff’s office says they are not at all killers,” reports CBS. That’s reassuring. “They worry that if approached the wrong way by someone the dogs could react aggressively, making finding them a priority for their office.” Nevermind. Apparently they are killers, buf if the dogs kill somebody, it’s the victim’s fault for approaching them the wrong way. It has nothing to do with owners training them to attack and their negligence in caring for them. Michael Vick went to prison for training dogs to fight other dogs, but when our rulers train them to attack people, we’re supposed to bow down and thank them.
Comparing how government and its propagandists treat government dogs to how they treat people and their dogs illustrates the sickness of our society. Last July, the Dayton Daily News ran a story on the death of a Bellbrook Fire Department dog which died of cancer. It didn’t run a story when my dog died of cancer.
Last June police arrested Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison for barking back at a police dog after the dog had barked at him. He was arrested “for interfering with a police canine”.
William Norman Grigg describes a police attack in Aurora, Colorado. “Cell phone video of the police assault shows a wall of officers in riot gear directing ‘non-lethal’ fire at a group of unarmed and terrified civilians — including several small children, who were shielded by a man who appeared to be their father,” Grigg wrote. “Another officer unleashed a police dog, which immediately attacked a stroller containing an infant. A bystander who interposed himself — and was mauled by the dog for doing so — probably saved the child’s life.” Titanium teeth make it easier to kill babies in strollers.
And police may be the biggest threat to your dog’s life. A Google search for “police kill dog” returns 51,500,000 hits. A DDN search for the same string returns 319 hits. If you think there are checks and balances limiting police killing of dogs, you’re wrong. The DDN reveals, “There have been 44 Dayton Police Department internal investigations of officers discharging firearms at dogs since 2008, according to a review of police records. Officers were cleared of any wrongdoing in all cases.” Of course they were. Police investigations of themselves are always a sham. It’s like a mafia enforcer investigating himself. In 2010 an Oakwood cop shot dead a dog on a tether instead of backing up out of reach like a normal person, the only firearm discharge by an Oakwood cop in 25 years. Needless to say, Oakwood police cleared him of any wrongdoing. If you had done the same, you would have been prosecuted.
And you can’t trust police reports. In 2008, an Oklahoma cop killed a dog, claiming he feared for his life. Unfortunately for the cop, the canicide was caught on video. Police subsequently tried to bribe the owner to keep her from showing the video. She refused, so you can see the cop killing her dog at
Denver’s three missing police dogs are worth $100,000. Yours are only good for target practice.
There’s no defense against America’s supreme predators.

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