Tuesday, November 15, 2016

White Victims Matter Too

White Victims Matter Too
Conspiracy Theorist
by Mark Luedtke
publication date: 121614

On January 18, 2014, a Fairfield, Ohio cop killed a young, unarmed man named Caleb Surface. Nobody protested. Nobody rioted. No media or political agitators flew to Fairfield to instigate trouble. Nobody cared because Surface was white, not black.
That’s the norm. Fewer than one in four people killed by police are black, but you’d never know it by reading a newspaper, watching the news or listening to an agitator or politician. That’s because our rulers would lose everything if white people woke up and recognized they were in as much danger of being killed by police as blacks. As long as white people can be convinced only blacks have to worry about being killed by unaccountable, corrupt, socialist police, our rulers’ system of theft and violence is secure.
There’s an old saying that if they get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers. Divide and conquer is the motive behind the lie that cops only target blacks. As long as people buy that lie, nobody has to answer why we allow cops target everybody.
The Dayton Daily News recently published an example of this propaganda masquerading as news. The story begins with what should be terrifying news for everybody: “The number of people killed by police has increased by a third in recent years, even as violent crime has trended downward and the number of officers assaulted or killed in the line of duty has dropped.”
So much for the claim that police are killing people to protect themselves. The spread of legalized concealed carry has reduced violent crime significantly, but cops are killing more people than ever. Note that this official number published by the FBI is known to be a gross undercount because police are not required to report people they kill to the FBI.
But the rest of the article is about cops killing black people, not cops killing everybody and hiding the statistics. The headline even reads: “Race a Factor in Police Shootings”. The DDN ignores the white victims because our rulers, whom The DDN serves - it’s owned by Cox Media, one of government’s corporate agents - don’t want white people to be scared. They want to divide blacks and whites and fool both into believing only blacks are at risk.
And they’ve been horrifically successful. Race agitators like Al Sharpton are establishment tools. They and anybody who falls for this propaganda are helping cops get away with murder.
Will Grigg quotes the investigating officer in Ferguson as he explains how the system is designed to enable cops to get away with murder: “‘Any time I’m involved in an officer-involved shooting, be it a fatal one or non-fatal, it is always during my initial investigation listed as an assault on law enforcement,’ explained the St. Louis County Police Detective who inaugurated the investigation of the Michael Brown shooting. ‘Officer Wilson … was the victim of the assault we were investigating.’”
Notice he doesn’t mention race. By design, the system switches the victim and the assailant, blaming the real victim who is dead and can’t refute lies told about him by his killer. The immediate corruption of the crime scene and the grand jury was well documented in Ferguson, but it happens everywhere. When investigating police shootings, all cops follow this same, corrupt model regardless of the race, gender, age or anything else of the victim. With the government investigating itself, the result can only be corrupt.
The problem isn’t race. It’s the job of coercive government enforcer attracts psychopaths and trains cops to be psychopaths. The recent epidemic of cops killing people carrying toy weapons proves this point. John Crawford III was shot dead in Walmart in Beavercreek while talking on the phone and holding a toy rifle. Darrien Hunt was shot dead by Utah police while carrying a toy sword like you would find at a carnival. Thirteen-year-old Andy Lopez was shot dead by Sonoma County sheriff's deputies for carrying a replica AK-47. A twelve-year-old boy was shot dead by a Cleveland police officer for carrying a toy pistol.
A common thread in all these shootings, besides the toys, is the victims didn’t threaten the police, yet the police killed them anyway. Another common thread is the cops all say they followed their training. That means they’re being systematically trained to kill non-threatening people carrying toy guns.
Cops are taught in training class if they take the time to determine if a gun is real or not, they could be killed, so they are taught to shoot first, cover up the evidence, and the corrupt system will protect them. They are taught because one time out of a thousand, the gun might be real and the person carrying it might shoot at them, they should kill everybody they encounter carrying a weapon or toy. That’s psychopathic behavior. There’s no empathy.
We pay for psychopathic training and for them to kill us because our rulers divide and conquer us. In order to stop police killings, white victims have to matter as much as black victims.

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